ZYZZ Death Cause: How did Zyzz passed away?

ZYZZ Death Cause
ZYZZ Death Cause: How did Zyzz passed away?

(ZYZZ Death Cause) Zyzz was an Australian bodybuilder, personal trainer, and model who was born in Russia. Shavershian rose to fame as the representative of Australia’s “aesthetics” amateur bodybuilding movement. His protein label, Protein of the Gods, was established in June 2011.

He also ran a clothing company, and on May 17, 2011, Zyzz’s Bodybuilding Bible, a compilation of the knowledge he had learned about bodybuilding over the course of his four years of training, was released. He asserted that the internet helped his brand grow, which was ultimately made feasible by the use of social media.

ZYZZ Death Cause: How did Zyzz passed away?

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How did Zyzz passed away?

On August 5, 2011, while on vacation in Pattaya, Shavershian passed away after a heart attack in a sauna. He was taken to the hospital in a hurry, but the medical staff was unable to revive him. His relatives and friends shared the news of his passing on Facebook.

An anomaly in the victim’s heart that was congenital was discovered during an autopsy. Prior to August 2011, according to his family, he had shown a number of minor symptoms, such as high blood pressure and sporadic shortness of breath.


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