Who Is Kwasi Kwarteng’s Wife Harriet Edwards?

Harriet Edwards


Kwasi Alfred Addo Kwarteng is the birth name of Kwasi Kwarteng. In 1975, he was born in Waltham Forest. Kwasi’s mother worked as a lawyer. But his father was an economist who worked for the Commonwealth Secretariat.

His parents are Ghanaians who moved to the UK in 1960 to attend college.

Who Is Kwasi Kwarteng’s Wife Harriet Edwards?

harriet edwards
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Kwarteng once worked for The Daily Telegraph as a journalist. He was employed with JPMorgan Chase as a financial analyst as well. Before entering politics, he worked for a number of investment banks and financial organizations.

Also a writer is Kwasi Kwarteng. The book “Ghosts of Empire” was written by him. The history of the British Empire is covered in this book. 2011 saw the book’s release from Bloomsbury. Politics are currently Kwasi Kwarteng’s passion. He recently assumed the position of Secretary of State for Business.

Harriet Edwards is the wife of Kwasi Kwarteng. They got married in December of this year. Her parents are not well-known. Harriet works as a lawyer. The couple is without kids.


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