What Gang Was Notti Osama In?

What Gang Was Notti Osama In
What Gang Was Notti Osama In?

Young drill artist Notti Osama was fatally stabbed in a metro station in July 2022 following a brawl.

Whether Notti Osama belonged to a gang or not is unknown.

However, drill music typically involves criticizing and disparaging opponents in public.

He allegedly fought with a 15-year-old rival rapper in the incident. In connection with the event, Osama’s 15-year-old competitor was detained and initially accused of second-degree murder.

The suspect was also accused of criminal possession. The boy cannot be identified for legal reasons.

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Police have not established a motive for the homicide, although it is assumed to be connected to the musical competition.

Prosecutors lowered the defendant’s charge to first-degree manslaughter after learning that Osama and his friends had trapped the suspect, who had stabbed the young rapper as he tried to flee.

The youngest of six children, Notti Osama, had just collaborated with one of his brothers to release the artwork for his new single, Without You. Little is known about his past due to his youth and the beginning of his career.


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