UNIZIK lecturer gives birth to seven babies

UNIZIK lecturer gives birth to seven babies


(UNIZIK lecturer gives birth to seven babies) A lecturer at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, has been given birth to a set of septuplets (seven babies).

Mrs Ngozi Uzodike delivered two boys and five girls, at Obijackson Women and Children Hospital, Okija, on Sunday, however, one of the girls died.

Ngozi was charged N19million by the hospital, a bill she was asked to pay before she can be discharged with the remaining six babies.

UNIZIK lecturer gives birth to seven babies

anambra lecturer septuplets

The woman who works at the Department of Business Administration, was torn between tears of joy and sorrow as she lamented that she is unable to pay the medical bill.

She explained that she had not been paid salaries since she started working at the institution in December 2020.

Mr. Celestine Uzodike, corroborated her story while speaking with pressmen on Wednesday, saying that that his wife was properly employed as a fulltime a lecturer at the institution, but unfortunately, had not been paid since.

anambra lecturer septuplets2

According to her husband, she had been promoted from Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer II, yet she had never earned a kobo as salary.

The distraught man appealed to the Federal Government to pay the two years salary arrears owned to his wife, and also come to their aid.

Mr Uzodike lamented that they are not able to foot the hospital bill and take care of the surviving two boys and four girls, all by themselves.

He said; “The babies came out prematurely at 26th week gestation period and the hospital said they will need to be placed under intensive care unit and each of them will cost N3million. One of them has died, remaining six babies, that is why they billed us like that.”

The new mum, who was very weak to speak after the delivery, said; “All I want is for philanthropists both in Anambra State and Nigeria at large to come to our aid in other to offset the hospital bill.”


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