Troy Dendekker Biography; Net Worth, Son, Daughter Of Bradley Nowell’s Wife

Troy Dendekker


The United States of America’s Troy Dendekker was born on March 8, 1971, in Columbia, South Carolina. She is well known for her friendship with the late Bradley Nowell and her hasty marriage to him. David Newton and Robin Newton, Troy’s parents, raised her until she was 49 years old. She attended Notre Dame High School and had a history of training as a substance treatment counselor.

Troy Dendekker
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Troy Dendekker Net worth

Troy’s professional career is virtually unknown to the general public despite the fact that she entered the entertainment industry through her marriage to a well-known singer. Troy Dendekker’s net worth, however, is projected to be between $1 million and $5 million as of 2019.
troy dendekker
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Troy Dendekker’s Son – Jakob James Nowell

On June 25, 1995, Troy and Bradley welcomed their son Jakob James Nowell into the world. The younger Nowell followed in his father’s footsteps in 2013 by starting the musical group LAW, which features him on vocals. Jakob Nowell is renowned for his dynamic stage presence, his singing prowess, and guitar playing skills. Nowell is a well-known rock musician who has written and produced a lot of songs. He also served as the frontman for the rock group LAW for many years.

JakobNowell LAW
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Troy Dendekker’s Daughter

In addition, Dendekker is a proud mother of 4. Troy is a mother to two daughters, Mary Jane and Erica Angel, as well as her son, Jakob Nowell, and Rudi with her second husband. However, it has been noted that Troy prefers to keep the details of her children’s lives private.

troy denkedder


Troy Dendekker, 49, hasn’t talked much about her life or professional achievements. She rose to stardom after marrying Sublime, the guitarist and main vocalist of the spa punk band, who later denied her husband’s passing. Troy next conducted negotiations with the band’s record company and entertainment director Paul Ruffino. Additionally, she worked with singer Courtney Love to eliminate drugs from the music industry and make a number of television appearances for drug-free Americans.
Tragically, Troy found the strength to remarry and wed Kiki Holmes following Bradley’s passing. On November 1st, 2002, they were married in a small ceremony. Kiki first announced their engagement on Instagram by posting a copy of their marriage license, which was later deleted. Dendekker then confirmed the news by releasing a video of their wedding ceremony. Troy has been married to Kiki for almost 17 years, and they are currently living a lovely family life.

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