Tommy Pham Parents: Who Is Tawana Pham?

Tommy Pham
Tommy Pham Parents: Who Is Tawana Pham?

Tommy Pham was born to Anhtuan Pham and Tawana Pham on March 8, 1988.

When Tommy and his twin sister Brittany were born, his father was 19 years old and his mother was 17 years old.

Anhtuan Pham

A Vietnamese mother and an African American father gave birth to Pham’s father, Anhtuan, in Vietnam. Later, he moved to the United States with his family.

Anhtuan is a talented football player who is incarcerated right now for allegedly committing narcotics offences. Tommy had only been there twice, when he was four and twelve.

Tommy Pham parent
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Tawana Pham

Pham’s mother Tawana has always been a pillar of strength in his life.

She currently resides in Nevada with her family.

To make ends meet and care for her children without their father, she had worked as a waitress and a busser.

Later, Tawana wed an electrician, and they had a daughter together named Mercedes.

Who Is Tommy Pham?

Tommy plays outfield for the Boston Red Sox in baseball.

Pham, who presently represents the Boston Red Sox, has also represented the St. Louis Cardinals, Tampa Bay Rays, San Diego Padres, and Cincinnati Reds in the past.

Pham was selected by the Cardinals in the sixteenth round of the MLB draft in 2006.

Pham had a 300 batting average, 20 home runs, 20 doubles, and 20 stolen bases in one season the following year. Since 1900, he was the first to accomplish this feat.


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