The Complete Guide to Manitoba Immigration Programs

The Complete Guide to Manitoba Immigration Programs
The Complete Guide to Manitoba Immigration Programs

The province of Manitoba has several immigration programs, including the Provincial Nominee Program and the Business Investor Stream. The program was designed to attract highly skilled workers in areas of labor shortage, as well as agricultural entrepreneurs and recent graduates. However, the program will undergo significant changes in 2018. Read on for more information about the Manitoba immigration program. This article also includes information on the Graduate Internship Pathway. You may also be interested in the Skilled Worker Overseas Stream.
Business Investor Stream

The Business Investor Stream of the Manitoba Immigration Program was designed to attract eligible foreign entrepreneurs and business investors to the province. This stream consists of two different pathways, aimed at attracting new entrepreneurs and investors to Manitoba. The Entrepreneur Pathway targets individuals who are planning to start a new business in Manitoba, or purchase or partner with an existing firm. Applicants of this stream are required to invest significant capital in a new business within 24 months after arriving in Manitoba. In addition, the application process for this stream is no longer as stringent as it was in the past, as applicants do not need to submit $100,000 to the Manitoba government.

The Business Investor Stream of the Manitoba Immigration Program is a fast-track immigration program for entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in Manitoba. The province has a high rate of success amongst its immigrants: 76% of newcomers become homeowners in five years and 95% remain permanently in the province. The Business Investor Stream offers two investor visa pathways – the Entrepreneur Pathway and the Farm Investor Pathway.

Career Employment Pathway

The Manitoba Immigration Program offers several different streams of immigration for skilled workers. The skilled worker stream is designed to draw from the existing skilled labor force and attract new immigrants with appropriate skills and work experience. This stream is ideal for experienced workers with skills that match Manitoba’s needs. If you are an international student, you can also apply for Manitoba immigration through the Career Employment Pathway. The prerequisite for this pathway is that you have completed a degree from a recognized Canadian university and obtained a job offer for at least one year in an in-demand occupation. In order to be considered, you must also have a high CLB/NCLC score, proving that you have sufficient experience in your chosen occupation.

The MPNP offers two types of immigration pathways: the regular Express Entry and the career employment pathway. The former is the most common route for students. The latter allows international students to apply for permanent residency based on the skills they have developed while studying abroad. This pathway is also available to international students with masters and doctorate degrees. However, the MPNP requires that students complete at least one year of full-time study at an accredited university or college in Manitoba.

Graduate Internship Pathway

For international students who have completed a master’s or doctoral degree, the province of Manitoba has opened two new pathways for immigration to Canada: the Graduate Internship Pathway and the Student Entrepreneur’s Visa. Both are designed to help international students pursue their career goals in Manitoba. The Graduate Internship Pathway requires applicants to have successfully completed an internship in an eligible Manitoba enterprise. Mitacs is a nonprofit organization that matches international universities and businesses with Manitoban enterprises.

To qualify for the Graduate Internship Pathway in Manitoba’s Immigration Program, an applicant must have a job offer at NOC Level 0, A, or B, and be aligned with the graduate internship program they have completed. This pathway may also impose a program-specific limit for internship applicants. For those with a job offer in their chosen field, however, this is not necessary. For applicants who have completed an internship, a job offer is not required.

Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

In the province’s immigration program, the provincial nominee program issues letters of advice to apply (LAAs) to skilled workers and international graduates in three streams. Out of these, 202 are awarded to candidates with a minimum score of 440, seventy-one points are awarded to candidates with a minimum score higher than seventy-one points, and 31 are granted to applicants with no close relatives in the province.

To apply for the Skilled Worker Overseas Stream, candidates must first register an Expression of Interest (EOI) on the MPNP Online portal. The MPNP will then assign a score to each candidate based on the MPNP Points Assessment Grid. The top-scoring candidates will then receive a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) for Manitoba’s permanent residence program. Applicants must complete an application within 60 days after receiving the LAA.


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