Take Advantage Of These Benefits Of Canadian Citizenship Available ?

Benefits Of Canadian Citizenship
Take Advantage Of These Benefits Of Canadian Citizenship Available ?

What are the benefits of applying for Canadian citizenship? This is a question that persists for most people. However, the ultimate goal of almost all permanent residents is to become a Canadian citizen. In this article, we will try to answer this question.

1. Political advantage

Do you want to vote or run for political office in Canada? The only way to do this is to become a Canadian citizen. So, and only then, can it play an active and active role in the political life of the country? As a Canadian citizen, you can participate in Canadian politics at all levels, from the grassroots to the federal level.

2. Dual citizenship benefit

In addition to having the right to vote or to stand in provincial, federal or even territorial elections, becoming a Canadian citizen does not necessarily mean (depending on your country of origin) that you must renounce your previous citizenship. The Canadian constitution provides for dual citizenship. You can become a Canadian citizen without losing your citizenship in your country of origin.

3. High-level jobs in the federal government

Some jobs in the federal government require high-level security and can only be held by citizens. After acquiring Canadian citizenship, you are eligible for such a position and therefore have the opportunity to participate fully in the construction of the country. Like most countries, government jobs in Canada are among the most stable jobs. In addition, federal government jobs are among the highest-paying jobs, not to mention pensions and other benefits of government jobs, an excellent motivator for joining the Public Service of Canada.

4. Passport renewal service

It is relatively easy and quick to renew a Canadian passport than to renew a permanent green card. For children under the age of 16 and under, Canadians can have a passport valid for five years, while adults can have a passport valid for five to ten years; depending on the type of passport you have chosen. As a citizen, you will sleep soundly without having to worry about meeting the minimum requirements to become a permanent resident. You will not have to worry about being deported, renewing your citizenship or losing your status.

5. Children’s benefits

Whether born elsewhere or in Canada, children born in Canada automatically become Canadian citizens. If you came to Canada with your children and acquired citizenship by naturalization, children under the age of 18 will also become citizens and will not have to go through the whole process as you (either parent) ) have crossed. Your children will enjoy the rights and privileges enjoyed by all Canadian citizens.

6. Tax advantage

Canada’s tax system works on the basis of residence rather than citizenship. This means that as a Canadian citizen, you will be able to work abroad and not have to pay Canadian taxes. You only refund taxes if you are a Canadian citizen and live within Canadian borders.


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