Sunny Hostin Parents: Meet William Cummings And Rosa Beza

Sunny Hostin
Sunny Hostin Parents: Meet William Cummings And Rosa Beza

(Sunny Hostin Parents) American attorney, journalist, and television broadcaster Sunny Hostin. Hostin serves as the Senior Legal Correspondent and Analyst for ABC News in addition to co-hosting the morning discussion show The View on ABC.

Additionally, she serves as both the host and executive producer of Sunny Hostin’s true-crime television series Truth About Murder on Investigation Discovery.

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Sunny Hostin Parents

Rosa Beza, a Puerto Rican, and William Cummings, an African American, are the parents of Sunny Hostin. Her parents’ names are well-known, but she hasn’t revealed anything further about them to the public.

However, it is well known that her parents helped her along the way with her studies and profession. She has been successful in keeping news about the from the media.


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