Peter Okoye Raises Concerns About Privacy of Nigerians’ Phone Conversations

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Peter Okoye Raises Concerns About Privacy of Nigerians’ Phone Conversations

Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye, has sparked concerns among many Nigerians after posting a cryptic message on his official Twitter handle. Peter Okoye raised the question of the safety of the private phone conversations of Nigerians.

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Okoye’s tweet has generated reactions from Nigerians who are worried about the safety of their private conversations.

“Dear Nigerians, How safe is your private telephone conversations?#JustSaying” he tweeted.

Many have expressed concerns that the calls of Nigerians are being monitored by the government, particularly since the current administration came to power.

Reacting to his post, @ms_xchi commented: “All calls are being monitored especially since the Buhari-led administration was installed. Initially, the reason was to monitor terrorist-related conversations. I believe it is now being used as a tool for witch-hunting. Be careful what you say on your phone calls.”

@MrJaycrypto stated: “WhatsApp and Signal calls are end-to-end encrypted. Much more secure than the normal phone calls. Swirge is also developing a much stronger end-to-end encrypted messaging and phone calls using blockchain.”

@Ikechukwuisking remarked: “Nothing is safe. Omo nothing at all is safe”

@olajidesalawu1 wrote: “Obi’s call was retraced since d agitation 4 interim so to be sure Obi himself is clean of d accusations of interim govt, so in the course of checking his call via telecommunications, they found his conversation with the pastor and they rolled it to suite their intentions”

See the post below:

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