Pele’s Wife: Meet Marcia Aoki Biography/Wiki, Children

Marcia Aoki
Pele’s Wife: Meet Marcia Aoki Biography/Wiki, Children

(Marcia Aoki) Marcia Cibele Aoki, Pele’s third wife, is a businesswoman who sells medical supplies and is of Japanese and Brazilian descent. In 2010, they started dating, and in 2016, they got married.

Marcia Aoki Parents and Family

Paulo and Isaura Aoki were the parents of Marcia, who is of Japanese ancestry. Her brother is Carlos Alberto Aoki, and she was born in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo.

Marcia Aoki Education

Marcia first pursued a bachelor’s degree in Brazil while attending a local institution.

How Marcia Aoki Met Pele

Aoki allegedly met Pele in the 1980s at a party in New York, but no information of a romance emerged until 2010.

Despite being frequently photographed together, the pair did not publicly acknowledge their relationship until they announced their marriage in July 2016.

Marcia Aoki Children

Pele and Marcia Aoki don’t have kids together. Pele, though, is the mother of other kids from prior unions and suspected partnerships.


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