“There’s nothing wrong with having sex while fasting” – Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo tells married couples (video)

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo


(Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo) Having sex while fasting won’t anger God, according to Pastor Kingsley.

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, a well-known relationship expert, asserts that there is nothing wrong with married couples having sex while fasting.

In a video that was posted to social media, the priest refuted ideas that married couples should not engage in sexual activity while fasting because it is “unholy” and instead discussed some false beliefs Christians have about sex. Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo


According to him, married couples can have sexual intercourse during the spiritual exercise, except they both decide to abstain from sex.

He also opined that abstaining from sex for too long might expose a couple to sexual temptation, so they shouldn’t withhold sex from eachother for too long.

Pastor Kingsley further explained that having sex during a fast will not make God angry because fasting is for one’s good and not to please God.

Watch him speak below,

A while back, Kingsley Okonkwo sparked a discourse online after he said women were not created to take care of themselves.
Taking to Twitter on Thursday, November 24, the relationship and marriage expert explained at each stage of life, women should be taken care of because they cater for everyone else.

According to him, as daughters, their fathers should take care of them; as wives, their husbands should take care of them; and as older women, their children should taken care of.

In a series of tweets, Pastor Kingsley wrote,

“Women were not created to take care of themselves.

Really women should be taken care of because they take care of everyone else.

As daughters, their dads should, as ladies their husbands should, as older grandma’s there children should

There’s a reason men were created stronger than women

I’m not talking about women who are lazy and only trying to live off men.

A good woman will work and improve herself ordinarily and not just be billing men

But she would still love to be cared for because she was created for it

Provision for a woman is not limited to financial and material though

I pray for all the men reading this, may God give you the grace to provide for your wife, daughters and mothers in Jesus name”


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