“Long Live Mama”: Old Woman Wears Daughter’s Graduation Cap and Dances Happily With it in Viral Video

Old Woman


Old Woman: In a popular TikTok video, a mother danced joyfully to show her happiness after her daughter received her diploma. In the video that Kpaulwaiswa shared, she danced enthusiastically and passionately.

The old woman left many people feeling emotional when she wore her daughter’s graduation cap and danced with it.

Old Woman: Viral video of mum dancing after daughter’s graduation

She had a bunch of flowers in her hand as well. Her enthusiasm and emotions, despite her advanced age, gave the video a dynamic feel.
Her daughter eventually joined her on stage while still wearing her cap and gown. The fact that the film was taken in their compound indicates that the woman had come back to rejoice with her mother after the formalities were over. Old Woman

Watch the video below:



♬ Mama – Abochi


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