Nollywood actress dumped by boyfriend over bedroom scene in movie(Actress Mellisa Osagie)

Actress Mellisa Osagie
Nollywood actress dumped by boyfriend over bedroom scene in movie

Actress Mellisa Osagie from Nollywood has spoken up about how her partner deserted her because of a bedroom scene in a movie.

Mellisa Osagie stated in an interview with the PUNCH that she wants a partner who will understand her and what she does since she is willing to do everything for her acting career.

She disproved claims that actresses lead promiscuous lives as well. She described how she got hit by her ex-boyfriend after a fight over the subject.

She also disputes the idea that actors are typically promiscuous, citing a time when her lover had struck her after an argument.

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“My partner dumped me because I acted in a bedroom scene,” she claimed. I am, however, prepared to stay with anyone who is prepared to stay and to open the door for anyone who wants to leave.

“I’ve always kept my emotions under check. Those who are supposed to be in one’s life will do so. I think it is preferable to be with someone who is familiar with the industry as an actor. It has nothing to do with my profession or how much I value my relationship over my career.

“The camera is what distinguishes an actress from a typical person on the street. In 2017, I dated a man, and we had problems. I remained with him despite the fact that he had no automobile and was not wealthy because I liked him. But after a misunderstanding, he claimed that I was having an affair with a male coworker of mine who had recently purchased a car.

“I inquired as to whether he anticipated my moodiness as a result of a coworker purchasing a vehicle. I said that, and he slapped me three times after. I refrained from discussing it in public because I thought I may get blamed (given that I am an actress).


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