Lyle Trachtenberg Wikipedia, Net Worth, Wife, Daughter, Religion, Age, Now, Related To Michelle

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Former American actor Lyle Trachtenberg serves as the Stage & Picture Operators ((IATSE) union’s international union representative.

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His marriage to his ex-wife, Whoopi Goldberg, made him famous. Whoopi Goldberg is a TV personality, comedian, author, and actress.

Their union was brief because they separated shortly after.

Lyle Trachtenberg Wikipedia

There isn’t a Wikipedia article specifically for Lyle Trachtenberg. Whoopi Goldberg, his ex-wife, does have her own Wikipedia page, though.

Lyle Trachtenberg Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Lyle Trachtenberg is $1 million.

Lyle Trachtenberg Wife

Adrianna Bela, a Canadian actress, and Lyle Trachtenberg are currently wed.

Lyle Trachtenberg Daughter

Gabriella and Natasha Trachtenberg are the two daughters of Lyle Trachtenberg.

Lyle Trachtenberg Religion

There is no information known regarding Lyle Trachtenberg’s religion.

Lyle Trachtenberg Age

The age of Lyle Trachtenberg is 66.

Lyle Trachtenberg Now

Presently wed to Adrianna Bela, Lyle Trachtenberg is the father of two girls.

Lyle Trachtenberg Related To Michelle

Michelle is not related to Lyle Trachtenberg.


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