Karli Harvey Biography; Net Worth, Age, Son, Mother, Husband And Twin Sister Of Steve Harvey’s Daughter

Karli Harvey


Both a hairdresser and an entrepreneur, Karli Harvey. She is a member of Steve Harvey’s family. She was born to Steve Harvey and Marcia Harvey on August 20, 1982.

Karli was a student at a local high school in Los Angeles, California, where she tried acting and joined the drama club. However, she quickly realized that she wasn’t cut out for the theater world and discovered a passion for hairstyling instead.

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Karli Harvey (marriedceleb)

Karli has been involved in a variety of activities over the years, but her 2017 salon is what she is most passionate about. Along with her sister, she also writes a fashion blog for which she offers readers tips on fitness and diets. She is a public speaker and an advocate of the LGBT community, just like her sister.

Karli Harvey Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Karli Harvey is $20 million.


Karli Harvey was born in the United States on August 20, 1982.

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Karli Harvey (Photo Credit: The Coterie Retreat)


In 2016, Karli Harvey and her husband Raymond had their first child. Benny Troy Raymond was the name of the youngster.


Marcia Harvey is Karli Harvey’s mother. Before she met Steve Harvey, she was employed as a sales representative at a department shop.

Karli Harvey’s Husband

Benjamin Raymond is the husband of Karli Harvey. He is an author, businessman, and mentor. They were wed in 2015. The daily chat show on television featured the wedding.

Twin Sister Of Steve Harvey’s Daughter

Brandi Harvey, an American executive and activist, is Karli Harvey’s sister. She enjoys going to the gym and speaking in front of groups.



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