Jennie Laxson Heath: All What You Need To Know About Phil Heath’s Wife

Jennie Laxson Heath


(Jennie Laxson Heath)Former Mr. Olympia and American IFBB professional bodybuilder Phil Heath’s ex-wife is Jennie Laxson. Cosmetologist Jennie has experience working for several cosmetic manufacturers.

The only thing the public knows about Jennie is that she was in a relationship with Phil Heath since she has managed to keep her life so quiet. There is no information at all on her family, early years, or education.

Jennie Laxson and Phil Health l

Jennie Laxson Heath Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Jennie Laxson is $700,000. She receives compensation for her work as a cosmetologist. In America, the average compensation for an experienced cosmetologist is $117,220.

Jennie Laxson Heath Weight

At 5 feet 7 inches tall and 60 kilograms, Jennie Laxson Heath is a petite woman.

Jennie Laxson Heath Marriage

On June 23, 2007, Jennie Laxson and Phil Heath exchanged vows. Jennie and Phil formally filed for divorce in 2015 by signing divorce papers. They didn’t have any kids together. Jennie has avoided talking about her personal life after their divorce. Shurie Cremona, a co-founder of Philheathlabs, and Phil Heath are now wed.

Battle with Breast Cancer for Jennie Laxson Heath

While still married to Phil Heath, Jennie Laxson Heath received a stage 1 breast cancer diagnosis in 2013. She underwent numerous procedures for her survival after her diagnosis.


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