Is Tammy Peterson Still Alive?

Is Tammy Peterson Still Alive


Jordan Peterson’s wife, Tammy Peterson, is a former massage therapist. In 2019, Tammy received a fatal cancer diagnosis, which she ultimately beat. Tammy is well and alive.

Tammy Peterson, who is 53 years old, has a straightforward life. She is hardly at all active on social media.

Tammy Peterson fostered numerous children in and around Canada during her more than 20 years as a foster mom. Tammy would visit orphanages and adopt kids to bring her family together.

Is Tammy Peterson Still Alive?

Jordan Tammy
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Many of these kids now have a chance to start again in life thanks to Tammy. Tammy is adamant that everyone deserves a comfortable place to come home to each night, no matter what their circumstances may be.

Tammy claims that she decided to become a foster parent in an effort to provide children a family and a home. She stated in one of her interviews that everyone should have a permanent residence because it gives them the chance to return home even if they muck up their lives and get into problems.


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