Flo and Kay Lyman death : What happened to Flo and Kay Lyman?

flo and kay lyman cause of disability

Flo and Kay Lyman death


Flo and Kay Lyman death  – FLO and Kay Lyman: DID THEY DIE? Do they still exist? The Rainman twins are, in fact, still alive.

Flo and Kay Lyman were unlike any sisters on earth from the minute they were born.

They were tormen, thought to be mentally handicapped.

They are the only pair of autistic savant twins that are female.

Flo and Kay Lyman

Savantism is an uncommon syndrome in which people with developmental disabilities, frequently autism, exhibit acts of genius much beyond their normal levels of competence.

For dates and information, Flo and Kay each have amazing recollections.

One of their many unique skills is the capacity to determine the day of the week for any date, whether past or future. They can recall the weather and even what they had for breakfast on any given day of their life.

Flo and Kay Lyman death true or false

Flo and Kay Lyman stiest

Dr. David Holmes, a psychologist, asserts that Flo and Kay’s organized lives are a reflection of their organized minds. He claims that they feel more safe the more order they can establish.

The twins, who are 52 years old, are vivacious and outgoing. They have a strong love for music, enjoy attending concerts, and find humor hilarious. They thus do not conform to the common stereotype of people with autism.


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