“Everybody knows I and Chioma didn’t deserve that” – Davido on Ifeanyi death (Video)

Davido on Ifeanyi death
“Everybody knows I and Chioma didn’t deserve that” – Davido on Ifeanyi death (Video)

Ace music star, Davido Adeleke, also known as Davido has, for the first time, opened up about the tragic death of his son, Ifeanyi.

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Davido, who very recently returned to music and social media in general gave accolades to his family, friends, and fans, adding that it was only possible because of their overwhelming support.

In an interview with CNN, he shared that the unfortunate loss of his son had some impact on the project, “Timeless”.

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The 30-year-old said to CNN:

“Before my son passed, we had finished the album. But it was a tragic situation and I really had to calm myself down and take a step back.

Nobody would want that, and everybody knows that I and Chioma didn’t deserve that. At some point I couldn’t open my Instagram for weeks.

One day, I just checked it and I saw messages from every kind of person in the world. I was like ‘you’re fine, you see everybody is rooting for you.’ That was one thing that really made me strong enough to stand up again, get back in the studio and do what I love.”

Watch the video below;


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