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“Did you win the people’s confidence or their fear and intimidation?” – Rufai Oseni poses questions to elected politicians (Video)



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Popular TV host, Rufai Oseni has posed some thought-provoking questions to the newly-elected politicians who have clinched various positions in the 2023 elections.

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The broadcaster, who’s known for his fiery method of presenting, posed questions to some politicians who had carried out various electoral malpractices and intimidation to secure their current positions.

Rufai asked to know if these various politicians had won the confidence and approval of the governed, or whether what they had succeeded in attaining is the fear, intimidation and the disgust of the people that they seek to rule.

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He urged them to check their conscience as the past would always appear before their eyes on their last days on earth, and whether or not they’d be proud of what they had done would depend on their present actions.

Watch him speak below:

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