Debra Lynn Godfrey age, net worth, wiki, family, biography and latest updates

Debra Lynn Godfrey
Debra Lynn Godfrey age, net worth, wiki, family, biography and latest updates

Roger Clemens, a well-known former Major League Baseball pitcher, and Debra Lynn Godfrey are married (MLB).

Debra Lynn Godfrey: Profile summary

  • Birth Name: Debra Lynn Godfrey
  • Famous Name: Debra Lynn Godfrey
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: white
  • Married to: Roger Clemens
  • Children: 4

Debra Lynn Godfrey: Married life with Roger Clemens

In front of her family and friends, Debra Lynn Godfrey marries Roger Clemens on November 24, 1984. Few details exist regarding their relationship prior to the wedding, but other reports assert that they have been having an affair for a considerable amount of time.

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Koby Clemens was born on December 4, 1986; Kory Allen Clemens was born on May 31, 1988; Kacy Austin Clemens was born on July 27, 1994; and Kody Clemens was born on December 4, 1986. (born July 27, 1994). was born on May 15, 1996.

The Clemens couple, who have been wed for nearly 35 years, are still content with their union. Due to the fact that they haven’t encountered any conflicts thus far in their relationship, some news outlets routinely identify the couple as one of the greatest couples.

Additionally, there is no information in the public regarding their prior relationships or indiscretions. Debra’s husband constantly gets into arguments. He was charged with hitting teammate Alex Rodriguez and using steroids, but he insisted he simply used Vioxx as recommended.

Debra’s bodily measures (height, weight, and shoe size) are also not yet publicly available.

Debra Lynn Godfrey: Childhood And Parents

According to her biography, Debra Lynn Godfrey was born on May 27, 1963, in the United States. There is no information known about her parents or siblings. Since Debra is less well-known than her husband Roger, it is understandable that no information regarding her early life is available.

Debra Lynn Godfrey: Professional Background

Concerning her career, Debra Lynn Godfrey has not yet made any statements. There are few facts to compare between Debra’s personal and professional lives. She became well-known after becoming married to renowned baseball player Roger Clemens.

Before retiring in 2007, Roger Clemens, a former big league baseball player, played his final game for the New York Yankees. He has prior MLB experience with the Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, and Houston Astros, among other organizations.

In addition, he is a member of the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame and has won various awards and trophies throughout his playing career.


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