Boris Moiseev Children: Meet Amadeus Moiseev

Amadeus Moiseev
Boris Moiseev Children: Meet Amadeus Moiseev

The father of Amadeus Moiseev is Boris Moiseev. He doesn’t have a lot of knowledge at his disposal.

Boris was the leader of a dance troupe from the Soviet Union and Belarus as well as a well-known show writer in Russia, singer, dancer, choreographer, actor, and actor. He was a recognized artist from Russia.

Boris Moiseev Children: Meet Amadeus Moiseev

Boris Moiseev 3
Boris Moiseev
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Sergey Gorokh, the art director, went to check on Moiseev and found his body at his apartment on Krasnoproletarskaya Street in Moscow, Russia. He was declared dead by doctors, who then called an ambulance.

On stage, Boris had all the necessary talent to be a successful classical cancer, but he loved modern dance. Because of his unusually free forms of communication for the period, Moiseev was ejected from Minsk after receiving his degree. In 1991, Moiseev returned to Russia to film a documentary on Ekspressia.


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