“Why I have no relationship with my mother” – Actress Bimbo Ademoye reveals

Actress Bimbo Ademoye reveals


(Actress Bimbo Ademoye reveals) Bimbo Ademoye claims that when she was only two years old, her mother left her.

Bimbo Ademoye, a well-known Nollywood actress, has admitted that she doesn’t get along with her mother.

The multi-talented Nollywood actor said this during a conversation about her upbringing, work, and relationships with media personality Hawa Magaji.

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Bimbo revealed that she doesn’t have a connection with her mother because it was her father who raised her all by himself.

Actress Bimbo Ademoye reveals

According to her, her mother abandoned her when she was just two years old.

“Mom is still alive. She’s around a 15 to 20-minute drive from me. Simply put, we’re not pals. I just choose to keep quiet about it because I want others to respect that. I mean, I’m really private.” My mother departed when I was around 2 years old. My mother therefore committed my very first act of treachery.

We attempted to reconnect. Since there was no romance involved and I didn’t get to know her, I won’t even use the word “rekindle.” But I made an effort to get to know her. We are in a relationship right now. Like a child performing his or her duties, paying for this as well as the rent, stipends, and other expenses. But that is really all we got.

And I believe I’m totally fine with that. For my mental health and own sanity, I’m alright with the no friendship, no connection zone that we’re in. I’m perfectly fine with it. Yet my mother is still very much alive. Very attractive, plump, robust, and dark-skinned. My mother is also the source of my waist and hips. But I’m okay with the fact that I don’t speak to my mother on a regular basis.

Being raised by a single father wasn’t always easy because the poor guy doesn’t always know everything. He is just as astonished as you are when you experience your first monthly flow, you know. At one point, he was split between having to go work for his kids and being present for them, which left him feeling very conflicted. Growing up and witnessing the sacrifices he would make, such as saying “no, I have kids,” when his friends would phone and suggest going out to clubs, it kind of formed my bond with my dad. She spoke. Bimbo Ademoye


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