Abroad-based Nigerian man discovers his fiancée is a runs girl after setting her up with N150k hookup job (video)

Abroad-based Nigerian man


(Abroad-based Nigerian man) When she entered the hotel room, she was shocked to learn that the client was her fiance, who she had assumed was away.

A viral video shows the moment a Nigerian guy living overseas realized his fiancee was a runaway after putting her through a loyalty test.

According to reports, the man travelled to Nigeria without telling his future bride in order to surprise her and decide whether or not to trust her.

He allegedly wanted to set up a female friend of his fiancée for a “juicy” hookup in order to see if she would fall for it.

As intended, the woman asked his fiancée whether she would consent to sleeping with a customer in exchange for N150,000, and she accepted the task.

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However, she received a rude shock when she got to the hotel room and discovered that the client is her fiancé whom she thought was overseas. Nigerian man

In the viral clip, the aggrieved man was seen confronting his fiancée as he revealed that he gives her monthly allowance and even opened a boutique for her yet she was still not satisfied.

The lady, who felt bad about being caught, fell to her knees and began begging him to forgive her but he maintained that he was done with the relationship and called off their wedding.

Nigerian man: Watch the trending video below,


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